Bubble Boy – 4 –


(Bubble Boy – 1 -) (Bubble Boy – 3 -)

I have started to publish Bubble Boy, my illustrated tale for Children  (small children and big children…) in Cafe Literati. I will post here the illustrations, twice the week, Mondays and Thursdays, with a link to the texts in Cafe Literati.

Here we go!

(next instalment on Thursday 15th January 2009)


4 Responses to “Bubble Boy – 4 –”

  1. reinedespommes Says:

    Ton Bubble boy me donne envie d’écrire des contes pour enfants Miki !
    J’ai craqué pour lui 🙂

  2. Contemplative Haven » post info Says:

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  3. wrjones Says:

    This is a very cool design. A great piece. I would think you could print some large posters of these paintings and see if some of the children’s hospitals might not like them.

    PS – I have Ramona framed. She is hanging on my office wall – I will mail her this week.

  4. kevmoore Says:

    A nice idea Bill, we’ll have to look into that.
    Good news about Ramona – but please tell me the framer got better and that you didn’t receive it as part of an inheritance…

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