A happy child’s face is priceless…


Following on from the interview by Anastasia, I said that I would publish some stories related to my sport paintings. Here is the first one. The painting above is the painting involved in the story.

One day I had made a sport painting exhibition and a little boy came to me and asked me how much the football painting was.I told him the price and he went away. The next day he came back, alone. He told me that he had just broken his money saving box . He opened his hand, which contained his entire savings (many little coins), and he asked, very seriously:

“Is it enough?”

I could see on his face how scared he was that it was not enough. I took the money, started to count it, very seriously, and at the end, I said to him;

“Yes, it is exactly enough!”

and gave him the painting. I tell you, his face was worth thousands of dollars for me! Needless to say that he paid about 15 euros for the painting…
But the story goes on. The next day he came back, with his parents… and the painting! The parents forced him to give it back to me, thinking that he had stolen it. I told them that he had bought it,  tried to convince them that their little boy had paid a very adequate price, but to no avail. The little boy was in such tears as they left that it really broke my heart!


2 Responses to “A happy child’s face is priceless…”

  1. Susan Cornelis Says:

    A sad ending to a very happy story. i can truly imagine your generosity to give the boy the painting.It is packed with the energy of youth.

  2. Joël Says:

    Quelle jolie anecdote, Miki, et si conforme à l’idée qu’on se fait de ta gentillesse.

    Il est dommage que les parents n’aient pas su deviner le moment magique qui venait de se passer avec ce gamin. Au-delà de ta générosité, son sourire valait sans doute bien tous les millions de la terre !

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