Mother and Son


Pastel & Coloured Pencils, 50 x 65 cm – 2009

Finished it today.

I wanted to emphasize the impression of light, and this is why I didn’t put too many details.

Concerning children:

we have just opened

The MiniBar

in Cafe Crem. It is about our children, their art, their words and their dreams. You are all invited to take a drink there and have a look!


2 Responses to “Mother and Son”

  1. reinedespommes Says:

    Oh Miki !
    J’ai toujours beaucoup de mal à exprimer ce que je ressens en voyant tes oeuvres.
    Pourtant là, la première sensation est la douceur.
    Elle est tout aussi présente sur les traits de cette maman et son bébé que dans ta toile.

    C’est tout simplement splendide.

  2. Miki Says:

    Bonjour Pomme, et merci!
    Tu le aais déjà, je pense, j’adore la douceur et la lumière… et je viens de le dire quelque part ailleurs,
    “… Light is is for me a very important factor in painting, especially in portraits. I often try to represent the portrayed people in a way that they seem to shine from inside… what we all do, somehow!!!…”

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