A Summit Meeting in Spain


Quite regularly I go to a Cafe by the Beach, and sketch people spending their time there. It is a great way for me to practise live sketching. Well, people are quite still sitting on a Cafe terrace in the sun, but they still move quite a lot and it is a wonderful (but sometimes frustrating too!)  exercise to try to catch them in some position or expression. I much more prefer this way than to go to some figure painting meeting, where the models stand still, almost dead… this does not inspire me at all, and neither does their nakedness I must admit! I much more love to draw the stuff which people put on, sometimes they are such a funny mirror of their souls… no funny clothing on this one though. In this case it was the contrast between the Macho with the black hair and the other people which inspired me…

Anyway, this is the last one I drew, some days ago… I normally don’t put these sketches here, because I have created a special site for portraits and caricature art,

Portraits for Life“,

some months ago. I just wanted to remind you that it exists. You might like to go there, if you enjoy this kind of art…


8 Responses to “A Summit Meeting in Spain”

  1. wrjones Says:

    This is nice. I like drawing people with clothes on much better than nudes. You are right, more interesting! It is frustrating to get a sketch going only to have them leave or someone else to sit in front of the subject. But really, a lot more fun than standing in a studio for 3 hours.

  2. reinedespommes Says:

    Miki, j’imagine tout à fait ça comme fresque sur un mur d’un bar !

  3. psychscribe Says:

    Miki I love this sketch- not like any style i have ever seen! And yes, the contrast between Macho Man and the other diners is quite interesting! I also loved the photo of you sketching on the rocks. More and more I long to quit my day job and devote myself full time to my artistic endeavors…but that cannot be for now 😦

  4. thepomegranateblog Says:

    J’adore! T’es trop forte Miki! Encroyable! Ca va? Merci pour tes souhaites de bonheur de la parte de toi et Kevin… Excuse moi j’etais pas sur mon blog pour un bon temp.. mais je voulais juste venir pour dire Bonjour! J’ai faire une interview avec une formidable femme francaise aussi! Bisous xo

  5. Miki Says:

    @ Pomegranate
    Bonjour, très heureuse de te revoir, et… bonne année! Oui, nous allons merveilleusement bien, Kevin et moi, amour et bonheur et joie de vivre maximum! je vais bien sur me dépêcher d’aller lire ton interview!
    Au fait j’ai été interviewée moi même, il y a pas longtemps, par une jeune fille de Cypres.. si tu veux lire l’interview c’est ici .
    Bisous back!

    Thank you, and how nice to see you here again… this is where we met first! It is really a wonderful thing to make these sketches, you know, sitting at a cafe terrace, with a wonderful cafe con leche, a delicious Donuts, in the sun and warmth, and observing people in their everyday life and trying to put lines and colors on them! This is why I love arts so much, sketching people and nature, it allows me to spend a wonderful life wherever I am!
    You are doing it right, when you will stop working, you will already have another wonderful full time job! Nowadays I really can’t imagine a better way to spend life than with arts, poetry, writing, photography… and you are so good at it!

    @ Pomme
    Bonjour Apple Queen!
    C’est marrant que tu dises çà, car quand je l’ai vue sur mon blog, cette esquisse, je me suis dit que ce serait très joli sur un mug! Et tu as raison, comme fresque sur un mur de bar, ce serait formidable. mais je t’assure que ce n’est pas moi qui vais faire le travail! Faudra que j’emploie un assistant… tu veux le job?

    @ Bill
    Well, this happens to me all the time. It seems to be a law, really, that in the moment you start drawing somebody, he/she leaves or get hidden behind somebody else. It is so frustrating! I now chose a big cafe, with much space between the tables, and much activity this covers at least a part of the problem. And at least i have always some other model when the others are gone.
    but I have also learned to be fast, as well in my choice of models as in sketching. I don;t even try really to find somebody interesting. I just start at once to draw what is in front of me. And well, when I have started somebody who disappears then, I simple try to finish the sketch from memory, or even invent the rest.
    I never stood in a studio among other artists and/or models… I simply can’t! I basically need freedom and peace when i paint and sketch… i could never get it among all these people in a closed space. I guess one can learn it, but this is not a skill which I fancy learning… I love my fee artistic life outdoors in the sun!

  6. Susan Cornelis Says:

    I particularly like the macho guy. You do this personality so well! THanks for the reminder to go to your portrait blog.

  7. kevmoore Says:

    So many great characters in this sketch! love it!

  8. reinedespommes Says:

    Miki j’aurais trop honte d’abimer ton travail ! je ne sais que faire des murs unis … et encore ! 😀

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