The Window

About 30 years ago, when I was living in Germany I started writing… by that I mean, I could write before of course, the way we learn it in school… but at that time I had a husband who was a writer, and he kind of brought me towards expressing myself with words. I loved it at once, and in fact I must say, even running the risk of disappointing the fans of my art,  that writing has been always more important to me than painting. Unfortunately I gradually stopped writing many years ago as I moved to Spain. The reason being that here, in Spain, because of the extreme international tourism, all languages are spoken, and being conversant in a lot of them I started speaking in all these languages at the same time. The result being an increasing incapacity to focus on any particular one, which is necessary when you have the pretence to write any literary piece..

But now, since I am living with Kevin and being very active in the English speaking blogosphere, my language seems again to focus, on the English language this time. It will take many more years though until I will be able to express myself the way I need to, but here is a start. I am adapting right now some poems I wrote at that time in Germany… all black stuff, I know, but it went down and down with the husband and it was a tough time for me…

Being a big fan of connecting artistic disciplines, I will present these poems on backgrounds inspired by my own paintings… you see, no need to fear I would give painting up now, I need it at least for my poems!!!   🙂



One Response to “The Window”

  1. Susan Cornelis Says:

    I think this sort of poetry is supreme therapy for both the writer and the reader and I’m glad you are sharing it. This experience of bumping up against invisible borders in life, over and over, is universal.

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