Back in Time to the Peak District…

The Peal District, Uk - By Miki, Summer 2007

The Peal District, Uk - By Miki, Summer 2007

In my last post I wrote that I had brought some old sketch books back from my former gallery. Among them I found the sketches I did in Summer 2007, on the 10 week trip we did in The Boomobile (our motorhome) from the South of Spain through France to the Top of Scotland and back. Most of them are only ink sketches, and I am working now on adding some colours to them, in pastel or watercolour. I have started with some sketches from the Peak District, in the U.K. Not quite easy for me because of all these green tones, and I am normally not a fan of the green colour (except in Susan Cornelis‘ paintings!).

I am enjoying doing this work now, almost 2 years after the trip. Many wonderful memories are coming back to my mind, even if  the 6 weeks we spent in the U.K. were all the time under rain and I swore to myself: never again in the U.K. for holidays!

PS: I already chnaged my mind… next time we will go to Devon and Cornwall!


7 Responses to “Back in Time to the Peak District…”

  1. bobcornelis Says:


    Nice to be able to revisit these memories by developing your original sketches further. Maybe that’s a good strategy, to stretch out the experience over time.

    Awesome sky!!

  2. Miki Says:

    It is above all a good strategy to stress the holiday over a long time, I feel right now as if I were there. And I feel to that I want to go away again very soon and sketch in some unknown land!

    The problem I have when I put the colours later on, is that I don’t remember the colours, especially of the houses, walls and roofs. Right now I am asking Kevin which colours were the roofs and walls in the Peal District. I don’t want to make big mistakes, like having purple, violet, blue, red, green houses like in Portugal.

    On the other side an inner voice always tells me that I am free to paint the colours I want! But then I wonder if some reader at some point would come and tell me than my sketches are wrong… would be really funny!

  3. wrjones Says:

    Beautiful sketch. It makes one want to be there with pad in hand. (I have the optomistic sense that this time will be different and I will get a good sketch like yours).

  4. Miki Says:

    Thank you, Bill. It makes me want too to be there again and to sketch. Funny, to work on these older sketches makes me want so much to go away again, so we are making plans for the summer right now!
    I have no doubt that your sketches would be lovely too, we just have different styles…
    Ramona and Paco are wonderful by the way, but still no sign of a baby…

  5. Chris Says:

    hope I am not too late to comment!
    these sketches are very good and your colours are always interesting!
    do you find that you would use warmer colours for Mediterranean areas than ifor say the peak district?
    there is a lot more blue in the Peak district one!
    2007 was a wet summer anyway!
    I would recomend Cornwall especially the far western tip around newlyn and Penzance There is a whole art thing down thee waiting to be discoverd!

  6. Susan Cornelis Says:

    THe sheep are divine – I didn’t realize you could do animals as well as everything else!

  7. Miki Says:

    @ Chris
    Hello back, nice to see you again!
    You know, Chris, it is never too late to get some compliment… I always love it, and I am sure that it will never change.

    Now to your question concerning the colours. Yes, there is a huge difference between the colours needed for the Peak District and the Mediterranean areas. And to tell the truth, it is very hart for me, as I am a fan of warm colours.
    So, at the moment, I really have to force myself to use all these blues and greens, especially the greens. I never liked green. But I think at the end it will be good for me, and I might start to like this kind of colours too…

    And yes, another trip to the UK is planed, exactly to the places you mention. In about 2 years I guess… I saw some of these places in Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, and I loved them, and knew that I have to go there to sketch.

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