Travel Sketch from the Perigord (France)

The Perigord, France - By Miki, Summer 2007

The Perigord, France - By Miki, Summer 2007

Another from the travel sketches series of the 2007 Summer trip, on which i am working right now…

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13 Responses to “Travel Sketch from the Perigord (France)”

  1. Joël Says:

    Ce que je retiens de ces peintures, c’est l’explosion de couleurs pastel. Il y a une fraîcheur bien agréable !

  2. Pomme Says:

    Miki, depuis que tu as commencé cette série, je regarde et je sais que ça me rappelle quelque chose.
    J’ai enfin trouvé ce soir devant cette toile !

    Lorsque j’étais petite, je m’arrêtais souvent devant les étalages de cartes. Je revois des peintures du même style, toute en douceur et je pouvais rêver des heures devant à imaginer toute une vie derrière. Tes toiles me font le même effet. J’ai l’impression que je pourrais encore leur donner une histoire 🙂

  3. bobcornelis Says:


    I’ll bet these sketches, colored later, are better than if you had done it all while there! You have such a great sense of color that I suspect you improve upon whatever drab scene was there before you. You’re not making a postcard, but rather painting the memory of your experience – much more interesting.

  4. Kay Says:

    Miki, love love love your colour!

    Please can you explain, are you working into the original sketches, or working afresh using them as a reference? Either way, could we have a peek at the before and after shots?

    This is my first visit to your blog, I’ll be back. I am envying all your languages…

    Re the memory of your experiences (Bob’s comment above), isn’t memory wonderful? We rearrange things, edit, fill in the gaps, recreate… there is no reality, only sifted and reformed images. You might be interested in something I wrote about memory, you can find it here

    Scroll down to the Shepherd quote at the end. It is my favourite.

    I am sure that your imagination is only your memories of tomorrow, popping out ahead of time! (ala The queen in Alice in Wonderland).

    I wonder, after looking very quickly at your work and thinking of mine, how much we are influenced by the culture we are living in?

  5. Miki Says:

    Tu sais, Joël, ces dessins du Périgord font partie des rares que j’ai fait en France. Du moins des rares que j’entreprends de terminer. Mais cela va changer… pour le moment il semble que nous irons en Provence cette année en Septembre/Octobre… j’aimerais tant y dessiner, y faire des croquis rapides de ce style. Mais bon, nos plans changent sans arrêt au gré des concerts de Kevin! Mais si nous allons par là-bas, nous monterons jusqu’à toi!

    Sais tu que tu es l’une des personnes que je connais qui réagit le plus à l’art? J trouve incroyable l’effet que l’art a sur toi, honnêtement, c’est rare. Et si beau!
    Dommage que tu n’aies pas plus de temps, avec ton imagination et ton immense aptitude à l’écriture, on pourrait faire de beaux livres illustrés toi et moi!

  6. Miki Says:

    @ Bob
    It is not as simple as that. I have noticed for example that when I use pastel, often the sketches coloured there are much better.
    The reason is that pastel allows very strong colour and effects, and I love to emphasize some slight differences in shades or colours there. In pastel it looks fantastic then. But I can do that only in front of the subject, i need to see with my eyes these subtle differences, I have no chance to remember them.
    Perhaps the difference is that I focus on shades and colour contrasts when I paint pastel, and really my own fantasy is far beyond the one of nature itself!

    But I guess you are right concerning watercolour. I find it very difficult to use them in front of the subject (by landscapes).
    But even there I would prefer to be able to colour in front of the landscapes. There are always wonderful “details” (like for example the very special colour of a house wall) which I can’t remember later on, and I generally love to centre a painting around an interesting detail.

    I think my main problem is the patience. When I am outside I have not the patience to do the drawing AND the colouring. There are always so many themes which attract me that i can’t stand on one sketch a long time, have to do all the other ones too!

  7. Miki Says:

    @ Kay

    Thank you very much for your visit and your lovely comment. Nice to meet a painter from Italy! From what I have seen on your blog, you live too in a very inspiring place for landscape painting…. I hope to go myself to Italy one day and to sketch there.
    Unfortunately as I was there, many many years ago, i was not a painter yet!!!

    Now to answer your question. Most of the time when i am travelling, I only make fast ink (or better said, pen) sketches. Only lines, most of the time not even very precise (just love the fast, free and spontaneous way).
    At home then I put colours on these original sketches. I have tried to do as you suggest, using the original sketches to make new paintings, but it does not work for me, it looses on spontaneity. In fact it loses “life”. And life in a travel skech is for me the most important.

    Great comment concerning memory. Yes, it is a wonderful tool! But you know, when i am painting in the nature in front of the subject, i do exactly the same:
    “… rearrange things, edit, fill in the gaps, recreate… there is no reality, only sifted and reformed images…”
    and I call it my artistic freedom when somebody, looking at my sketches, says:

    “But this tree is somewhere else!”

    It is a good question about the influence of the culture. I guess it has a big influence. But concerning myself, I doubt that the influence is very big, as i have lived in different cultures. And I don’t live either in art worlds, i mean i don’t socialise with other artists from the places where I live. But having said that, i suppose my French roots appear often in my paintings… i seem to have a predilection for something like an impressionist style.

    I will read your text about memory today and see you there then!

    Thask again, I enjoyed the conversation and hope of many more!


  8. kevmoore Says:

    J’adore le Perigord! When we first traversed the French country lanes that took us into this (for me) unexplored region of France, I loved it immediately, the quaint towns, interlaced with cobbled walkways, nestling in beautiful countryside, and the obvious pride the villagers took in their environment. Your sketches bring back lovely memories of our time there, Miki!

  9. Pomme Says:

    Miki, c’est exactement ce que je me suis dit avec ton Bubble qui m’a fendu le coeur de tendresse !
    Un jour, peut être… le temps, ça se gère 😉

    Pour l’art, en fait, je crois que je réagis simplement avec les émotions qu’il me procure. Et le tien, il m’en procure plein !

    Kevin, don’t forget : in Perigord, there is the best cassoulet ! 😆

  10. Elizabete Oliveira Says:

    As cores da vida de Miki.

    Bonjour Miki, comme j’ai dit en portugais: les coulors de da vie de Miki”.
    Oui, Miki. on peux voir une fenêtre de ta vie pour les coulors de ta peinture. On voit que tu es belle comme ta peinture. On voit que tu n’aime pas la violence ni la soufrance. Pas de la doulour de la vie. L’imagination de une vie naturel et calme, où la paix soit le centre d’Universe. C’est que je voit de toi et de tes ouvrages.
    Je suis brèsilienne et j’aime la peiture. Tu es un vrai artiste.
    Luz (je m’appelle Elizabete), mais j’aimerais m’appeller tout simplisment LUZ.

  11. impzlms Says:

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  12. Anonymous Says:


  13. zaldy Says:

    hi miki come and visit in the phillipines makkita mo ang magagandang tanawin dito like the monument of late dr. jose rizal and also the banaue rice terraces

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