Travel Sketch from the Peak District (U.K.)

The Peal District, UK - Watercolour and Ink - By Miki, Summer 2007

The Peal District, UK - Watercolour and Ink - By Miki, Summer 2007

One more example of the work I am doing right now on the travel sketches from our trip to Scotland in Summer 2007. This was on the way up. I remember how fascinated I was by the red tree in the foreground… such “details” are what makes me want to sketch a scenery generally. I always need something which specially attracts my eyes. And then I take the rest with me,

“rearrange things, edit, fill in the gaps, recreate… there is no reality, only sifted and reformed images…”

as a painter from Italy wrote the other day in one of my comment threads…

yes, this is fun!


6 Responses to “Travel Sketch from the Peak District (U.K.)”

  1. rjp123rjp123 Says:

    Miki you are a great artist.

  2. Miki Says:

    Hello RJP123RJP123
    This is a very lovely compliment, and I take it with deep pleasure. Thank you very much!

  3. swatch Says:

    Hey! I love this
    An explosion of colour!
    I am going to have a good look around this site

  4. Miki Says:

    Thank you very much, Swatch, for your visit and your compliments.
    Well, the explosion of colours… I suppose it is quite a mirror of my inner life… as well the colours as the explosion! 🙂

  5. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Trees dissolving into sky into clouds or mountains and all of it floating in joyful color.

  6. Miki Says:

    Clouds, no mountains… but it is not important.
    Important is what you say: floating in joyful colour. This is more or less how I spend my life since I met Kevin…

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