Travel sketch from Cassel (France) – 01


Cassel, France - Watercolour and Ink - By Miki, Summer 2007

I just came back from Susan Cornelis’ blog, and still feel quite humbled by her last painting.

“The Tree of Life”

It is really not easy to post after having seen such a master work… especially to post only a travel sketch, it seems so small and insignificant compared to that powerful tree..

Anyway, I am still working on my travel sketches from 2007, having just started the series from Cassel, a little town in the North of France, where we spent  some days by the canal there. I made a lot of sketches there, and I will certainly present some more here over the following days…


5 Responses to “Travel sketch from Cassel (France) – 01”

  1. Digital Painting Says:

    You’ve done a great job here. 😉

  2. Susan Cornelis Says:

    No need whatsoever to be “humbled” by my tree. Yours are so full of life that they fly! THis sketch is very nicely drawn – more detail that many, which gives a good sense of the place.

  3. Jim Cornish Says:

    I live in Cassel, lovely sketch! I will show the owners of the Trois Moulins, they will be delighted


  4. Miki Says:

    Thank you for the lovely comment, Jim!
    I spent some really wonderful days in Cassel, on my way back from the top of Scotland. It is a nice surprise to meet here somebody who lives there.
    I hope the owners will recognise their restaurant… you know, I took some artistic freedom… if I remember well, the flowers from the foreground were not there at all!!!!!
    Anyway, thank you again, i really enjoyed your comment.

  5. pyreneespilgrimage Says:

    Travel in France and you have to paint! Stunning colors in Cassel.

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