I bEGG you!


Soon it will be Easter and following my Christmas, New Year and Valentines tradition, I have started creating eCards for Easter.

Or rather: WE have started. In fact, 2 years ago Kevin created for Easter a series of cartoons featuring wordplays on the word “egg” .

I liked them so much that I decided to work on them, adding my little personal note.

On this particular one, I can’t help making an additional word game for my readers who understand German… the title could be

Ei bEGG you!


Please feel free to use my eCards service, which allow you to send these cards, or any of my paintings as free eCards. To see how it works go to the page

My eCards Service


4 Responses to “I bEGG you!”

  1. Davis Says:

    looks like you’ve got some real nice ones there

  2. Pomme Says:

    Piou : “Hooooo celui là, il est super ! On dirait un soleil !”

  3. Bonny Says:

    “Ei!” …das ist wirklich toll! Ei, sowie in ‘ach!’ oder ‘ah!’
    (Ist noch ein Wörterspiel mit ‘Ei’.)

    Kaum zu glauben das es bald Ostern ist… wo geht denn die Zeit?

  4. Easter Eggs from Planet Goodaboom « Infinity + some + 2 Says:

    […] some time ago I presented to you my first Easter eCard. I have made some more in the meanwhile, not as many as I wished, I was very busy with others […]

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