Like a Bull in an Artshop


I have added today some bullfight paintings and other stuff to my new online shop Miki’s Mart.

It is not easy to make a choice, what to put for sale, and what not. Tastes are so different! And I have had the experience in my life that my taste often does not correspond to the clients’ taste. or at least there is a time difference… what I most like today my clients will like most in about 2 years!

I have often wondered about this phenomena, as I have heard the same from other artists.

I was asking myself if the artist is always  ahead of his clients’ time…

Anyway, among all my bullfight paintings, and as a contradiction to the theory I just presented and the aim that a shop which should be to sell what what people want to buy,  I chose to put for sale this one above, which is my most favourite bullfight painting of all time!


2 Responses to “Like a Bull in an Artshop”

  1. Pomme Says:

    C’est splendide Miki ! J’adore l’explosion de couleurs et tous les mouvements que l’on voit. De tous … je crois bien qu’il est mon préféré 😉

  2. Susan Cornelis Says:

    I’ve never fought a bull, but I imagine that this painting captures that feeling perfectly.

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