Travel Sketch from Scotland – 05 –


Scotland - Watercolour, pastel and Ink - By Miki, Summer 2007

Scotland has always been a dream for me as a painter. And as we finally went there, in the Summer of 2007,  I was incredibly excited and couldn’t wait to see with my own own eyes these incredible landscapes I had seen on photos and films.

Well, as we crossed the border between England and Scotland the sun was shining a little bit, and life was wonderful. But then it started raining, and it never stopped again until we left the UK! I must say that I ‘d never in my life seen so much water falling from the sky, rolling down the mountains, and flooding the fields and the roads. That was really impressive!

But well, the problem arose that I hardly could spend an hour sketching outside, and anyway most of the time everything was grey on grey and one couldn’t distinguish any lines or forms! I especially remember how frustrated I was as we arrived at the famous Loch Lomond and I couldn’t see anything!

But well, I still  managed to do some sketches of many of the places where we had been. What I couldn’t see, I simply invented… as I often do anyway!

Yesterday I started working on these sketches, adding colours… as you can see, the colours are invented too!

Perhaps you want to know where this one was… if I remember well, it was in North Uist.


5 Responses to “Travel Sketch from Scotland – 05 –”

  1. bobcornelis Says:


    Really spectacular! I love the invented colors and the way you’re mixing medias here. The sky, in particular, is amazing – while one would never really see such a sky, it conveys so well the lights and colors real skies have and makes you feel the tremendous power of nature.

    One of my favorites of your sketches!

  2. wrjones Says:

    A lovely sketch. I was, however, expecting Scotland to be a little greener.

  3. napabelle Says:

    I do too love these unusual colors and their blending ! They are strong; like heat, like a scene in Spain or south somewhere; yet the shape of the house is characteristic of the northen places… it keeps you on your toes: not a usual combination; I love that !

  4. Miki Says:

    @ Napabelle
    Bonjour Isabelle, ravie de te lire!
    As i was in Scotland, I saw some local there and I was really amazed to see that some famous Scottish painters use very strong vivid colours for their landscapes! A little bit like me… by me I think it is simply my natural love for strong colours, but by the Scottish painters, I wonder if it is a compensation and comforting effect… as I said, I did’t even see any green in Scotland, only grey!

    @ Bill
    I was too expecting Scotland to be a little greener… it was only grey… exactly like on my sketch!

    Yes, Bob, I have really made here a mixed salad of techniques.
    Do you know why? I had put some pastel on the ink sketches as I was on the trip, but not much. And as I started working again on it, I had no pastel around me, so I took the first thing I had close to me, and it was watercolour… this is the way how I often work…
    By the way, I did feel in Scotland “the tremendous power of nature”… it was fantastic1

  5. Cathy Says:

    It is stunning! I love your vision of Scotland!!!!!

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