WordPress is in the Air


I have participated at the very last moment in a contest organised by  The Infectious People… You might have seen it featured already in WordPress, as that is how I found it myself by accident yesterday. The theme was

I<3 Blogging!

“Show us what makes the heart of a blogger tick… An image for the voice of bloggers everywhere”

the aim of Infectious being to make laptop and iphone skins for bloggers.

It is certainly not my way to participate in such competitions, but well, in this case, my heart really ticked as I find blogging, and especially WordPress, a

World Wide Wonder.

So, these are the designs I submitted for an iphone and a laptop .

If you like them, you are welcome to vote for me there. But really, I am not trying here to gather votes from my friends, as it is something which I really hate in such competitions, when the participants mobilise their net of connections to vote for them.

My aim here is much more to show you one more of the 1,000 things I am busy with, and also to to incite the artists among you to participate to such competitions, They have another one going on at the moment, with the title

“The City Series”


One Response to “WordPress is in the Air”

  1. Supe Says:

    Miki, girlfriend, how are you?? ❤

    It’s been ages and I j’adore this entry, it’s very Miki.

    Have you been getting my emails by any chance?


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