Shoes to Celebrate Life


I have been working at Goodaboom’s Boutique these last 2 days, and I must say that I have a lot of fun designing all these products featuring my artwork. I have created mugs, postcards, magnets, keychains, and even aprons and ties! It is somehow very touching to see the own art on all these products.

But the most extraordinary thing I have done was to create these shoes, based on my Fantascape painting “Celebration of Life”, which has brought me many professional  satisfactions (Giclee Print sales) since I have done it. I couldn’t resist to see how the image works on shoes, and well, I must say that I like it a lot! Quite crazy, of course, but so was the painting too!

I wonder now if somebody in this world will be crazy enough to buy them! But if somebody does, she (he?) should purchase the passing keychain and tie too   🙂

All this in Goodaboom’s Boutique…


7 Responses to “Shoes to Celebrate Life”

  1. viktoryian Says:

    Right.. that pair of for brave ones! hehe!

  2. kevmoore Says:

    Well, what can I say? I love weird and wonderful shoes, and I love Miki’s artwork, in particular “Celebration of Life”, so the combination here is intoxicating! I WANT SOME!

  3. Pomme Says:

    Crazy enough ? me !
    And I’m not crazy. I think with those shoes, I can fly !
    They are so lovely !

  4. Miki Says:

    Bonjour, Pomme, what a lovely compliment! You have no ide how your words are important to me…
    “with these shoes I can fly!”… splendide words!
    1000 mercis and kisses and hugs!

  5. drawings Says:

    great shoes!

  6. wrjones Says:

    Beautiful shoes – I expect they will be in great demand.

  7. Chris Says:

    Hi Mikii!
    Thanks so muc h for sharing this. i have set up my own space on the site and finding it a bit addicitive
    Sorry for that quick advert, let me know what you think

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