Recalculating the Route

presentation-lisboa-mikiI am participating again in a contest organised by the Infectious people. They are making skins for laptops, ipods, iphones, etc, and are regularly organising competitions open to all artists. We are invited  to submit works with special themes. 2 weeks ago I participated in

“I love blogging”

and this time to “Big Cities”.

I have just submitted 2 works, one about Paris (noblesse oblige), and one about Lisbon.

The real aim is to develop a skin for the laptops, something which “rocks” – but they also want us to make an appropriate presentation work of the laptop with the skin. This is perhaps the part I most enjoy in the story!  Well here I did enjoy imagining Vasco de Gama sitting at my skinned  laptop and recalculating his route…

The laptop skin – the work I have entered in the competition – is the following


This work is a combination of several sketches I did last summer in Lisbon. I literally fell in love with that city, I loved the bridge, the discoverers monument, the trams (no, in Lisbon the trams don’t run on water.,,) , the old people striding the streets, the black umbrellas against the sun and the flags everywhere!

I have no idea as to whether this design will be accepted as an entry in the contest, but I don’t really care:



3 Responses to “Recalculating the Route”

  1. bobcornelis Says:


    There is no end to the fountain of your creative energy! I wonder if Rembrandt (or even Andy Warhol) might have imagined their artwork showing up as a laptop skin? Very cool!

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if they could make these laptop skins act like screen savers? In other words, if they could move and change like a screen saver? I’m sure it will happen one day!

  2. Michael Pokocky Says:

    Fantastic! Profoundly prodigious! Your going to get great traction for doing this.
    Posted on and my group this post for you miki!

  3. Susan Cornelis Says:

    THis piece is at once very sophisticated in design and delightfully engaging, with those passionate figures on the bridge. Truly remarkable.

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