A quiet moment on the balcony

james-spader-with-text-sA short time ago we  finished watching the American series

“Boston legal”

and I must say that it is one of my favourite series all time, perhaps even THE favourite.

I love the humour in it, and more than anything I love the friendship between the two male main characters, “Alan Shore” and “Denny Crane”.

As the series was finished, it was really sad for me, as if I was losing some friends of mine…

So, the best way to get them back now is to spend some time with them, making their portraits. I wanted to catch them both in this wonderful moment they were spending on their balcony, smoking a cigar, at the end of each episode, and sharing wise thoughts about themselves and the world. I started with Alan, Denny will follow soon.

My God, how I miss these

quiet moments on their balcony!


3 Responses to “A quiet moment on the balcony”

  1. Encre Says:

    Wow! It’s really him! I love the low-angle approach. It’s really depicting the caracter’s psychology! Can’t wait to see Denis :;-))

  2. psychscribe Says:

    OMG did you capture him! I completely share your sentiments. That was my favorite show of all time and I absolutely loved the balcony scenes. I soooo miss it 😦

  3. kevmoore Says:

    This is so good Miki. You really have Alan shore to perfection.
    I too miss this wonderful series, and the great dialogue between Alan and Denny. Tremendous atmosphere in this piece.

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