Sweet Marc

Marc Pearson BC SWEET S

(by Miki)

My name is Marc and I play Guitar and vocals for BC Sweet as well as managing the day to day affairs of the band. I’m a lucky guy. Many have said it, many more have thought it and I never forget it for one single day.

I am part of a fantastic band that rocks crowds across Europe. If someone had shown me a video of the BC Sweet of today compared to a few years ago, I would never have believed it. That statement is in NO WAY disrespectful to the wonderful people I have worked with in the band since I joined in 2000. It’s simply that today I have the best of all worlds, the best musicians as well as a wonderful chemistry on stage that is allowing the show to evolve and grow in a way I could never have hoped for.

I always wanted a band that the great Brian Connolly himself would have been proud of. I think, finally, I have that. BC Sweet is a solid and exciting unit performing the greatest hits of Sweet, keeping the songs alive for generations to come.

A BC Sweet show of today features all the hits of Sweet from the early bubblegum hits right through to the later more AOR type songs such as “Love Is Like Oxygen”. To all of you who spend your hard earned money travelling hundreds of miles sometimes, to come to our shows, or taking time to drop us emails and letters, we never take it for granted. Thanks for supporting BC Sweet, we love ya loads.”

Marc Pearson


2 Responses to “Sweet Marc”

  1. wrjones Says:

    These must be a challenge but you are totally up to it. They have a cohesive look to them, like they were, maybe, in the same band.

  2. Miki Says:

    Thanks Bill, and they are indeed in the same band. A fantastic band… come and see them in concert if you are around 🙂

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