Romance online

Cat and Mouse 123

I have recently started to work for an ecard company online. I am still represented at Plaxo with my work, but this now is another company, which asked me to join some time ago. Unfortunately I had no time for this kind of activity, but the people there persevered asking me, so I thought:

“well, they think to really want me!”

I liked this attitude (who could resist to be so badly wanted!  🙂  !  ), so I simply joined,  just in time before Mother’s day. Somehow it was sweet for me to see, that on that day, my ecards were sent to many Mothers all around the world. It is really a touching feeling.

Although I live quite like a recluse, I knew somehow that it was Mother’s day… although, to be honest, I have no idea it was Mother’s day in France, where my own Mother lives right now… shame on me, I didn’t even check!

Anyway, from my little corner of the universe I am discovering now an an incredible amount of events structuring our calendar. Did you know for example, that we are in the middle of the “Romance Online Week”?

So, my dear readers, if you are in love online,  I have designed a few ecards for that occasion. Here is one. The 2 others can be found  here


3 Responses to “Romance online”

  1. Susan Cornelis Says:

    I am in love on and off line! and your cat and mouse are so cute!

  2. Miki Says:

    Thanks Susan!
    Yes, I guess you are every where in love… but i guess too that you don’t need ecards to declare it… and certainly not my!!!! 🙂

    Kevin didn’t recognise at all that it was a mouse… and to be honest, the other one, on the screen, was meant to be a mouse too, but he said it was a cat, so I went for it and made a mouse/cat love out of it!

  3. Pomme Says:

    Je ne sais si mon Piou est une graine d’artiste mais il est capable de faire de la même façon des têtes en forme de coeur et surtout de voir des coeurs là où les autres ne les verraient pas !
    Moi, ça me fait fondre complètement. 🙂

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