God saves The Queen, but The Queen saves The Swans

Swansea Son The 1st of May I announced in this blog that I am working on a new calendar

“Countdown for The Commons People”

in honour of Kevin’s football team, DCFC, and as a complement oto his CD

“Fan Fayre for The Commons People”.

It is a calendar for the football season 2009/2010, presenting a piece of Art each month  featuring  humorously (and impartial way as I am a Derby Fan now!!!)  teams who will have to fight against the Rams (Derby’s Nickname). Th season 2008/2009 is nearly finished now, but I am still waiting for the definitive results to  know exactly which teams will be in the Derby’s league, the Championship.

As always in life, there is a tough rule in English football (and certainly in any other football):

The best are promoted into the higher division, and the worst are relegated into the lower division.

Anyway, I present today one of the artworks, featuring Derby against “Swansea”, one of the teams which will have to confront the Derby Ram next season. the nickname of  Swansea City FC  is “the Swans”… and for the ones who are not hot so on British history: Queen Elizabeth protects all British Swans. No doubt, with our new strong Derby team, the Queen will have a hard job!

With this info I hope you will understand and hopefully  appreciate the honour of this picture…

If you want to see the calendar cover, please look here.


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