Life is a Long Thread from You to Me…

Life is a long thread

Some days ago, searching for a painting, I rediscovered a series I did some years ago, about the Children from Tahiti. This series, among other paintings from Tahiti, was meant for an exhibition there… well, life decided otherwise and the exhibition didn’t take place, mainly because my agent there, -my brother- fell in love and had other priorities!  🙂

Anyway, the children from Tahiti are still so beautiful … although my might have grown up in the meanwhile and become strong warriors or whatever…


3 Responses to “Life is a Long Thread from You to Me…”

  1. WR Jones Says:

    Love the hair on this young lady.

  2. Madame Monet Says:

    It’s a beautiful painting!
    Madame Monet

  3. Susan Cornelis Says:

    You’ve captured the magic of childhood in this one!

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