The Countdown is ready

Derby A3 Calendar Graphic Front

Derby A3 Calendar Graphic Back S

As annouced some months ago, I have created a calendar

“Countdown for The Commons People”

as a complement to Kev Moore’s Cd

“Fan Fayre for The Common s People”

in honour of  of Deby County Football Club.

The calendar is designed for the championship football season 2009/2010, presenting a piece of Art each month  featuring  humorously (and not in an impartial way as I am a Derby Fan now!!!)  teams who will have to fight against the Rams (Derby’s Nickname).

4 Responses to “The Countdown is ready”

  1. Arpit Says:

    nice calendar
    i am not a good artist as you
    but i would like to know why did you used horns in all pics
    by the way its all good

  2. bobbygee Says:

    This is cool. I like it Bobby Gee Check out my blog

  3. Progress against the Pilgrims? « Moore Music Says:

    […] the game today with another piece of art from Miki’s “Countdown for the Commons People” calendar. As you can see, ever the safety-conscious artist, Miki has furnished the […]

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