With THAT Man!

2009 With That Man Kev Moore

So, I will have some holidays eventually… with THAT Man Kev Moore!

I am a lucky girl, am I not?

It has been such a busy time for about the last 10 months, including

the renewal of our house where we used to live in Albir  in the Provincia de Alicante,

the move from Albir to Turre, where we live now, in the Provincia de Almeria,

the organisations of some exhibitions,

the purchase of a new gallery,

the construction of a new music Studio,

an entire CD album, music and artwork,

the purchase of a new flat to extend our living and working area,

the destruction and construction works to connect to our former flat,

and many different time-consuming art works and projects…

yes, the vacation is overdue, for both of us!

Tomorrow we will take to the road again, and drive around  in the very south of Spain, around Cadiz and Huelva, and then into Portugal, driving up along the Spanish border to finally drive back to Albir through the centre of Spain, where I have a business appointment on the 15th of July. Kevin himself will fly on the 16th of July to Bosnia, where he has a gig with BC SWEET.

And around the 20th of July we will come back to our lovely home in Turre, and the hard work will start again!

I might give some news in the meanwhile if we can find some internet cafe… but we normally go to wild places, as they contain the best motifs for my sketches. Oh yes, I forgot to say, although I refer to it as a holiday, it is in fact,  a painting trip! But with no-one other than myself ruling my work…

except perhaps THAT Man Kev Moore, who made me today a very touching gift: a sketching book with John Lennon on it. The thing is, he bought this book about 25 years ago, and kept it for a very special occasion.  This morning he took it from a hidden place and said to me:

“I think it can only be for you, especially now…. And I want you to draw your lovely caricatures of people in it, as John Lennon himself made such funny caricatures!”

The fact is, we have started watching the Beatles Anthology series some days ago, and I love it. this is why this present couldn’t be more appropriate!

See you soon!


2 Responses to “With THAT Man!”

  1. Pomme Says:

    Ce qui te distingue de beaucoup d’autres Miki, c’est que tu sais donner une vraie valeur à ton vrai bonheur ! Oui tu as de la chance ! Et c’est tant mieux.
    Jolies vacances à vous deux !
    See you soon 😉

  2. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Yes Miki! See you soon. THinking of you today and hoping you are finding your “wild places” particularly exciting and that you have relaxed into that wonderful travel rhythm that you enjoy so much in your Boomobile.

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