Back home in Turre (Almeria, Spain)

01 Gibraltar 2009 SSo, I am finally back from my sketching trip through Spain and Portugal, after a final visit to my family who had gathered at our other house close to Alicante, arriving from several parts of the world. I am gad to be back home, everything is fine here, a little bit too hot perhaps, with that wind blowing from the Sahara across the Mediterranean Sea.

As always I spent a good part of the trip sketching. I will regularly present you here  sketches from the places where we have been, although, due to some technical problems with our Boomobile, we haven’t been able to travel as far as we had planned, sometimes even forced to stay at the same place quite a long time. But wherever you are, if you know how to look, there is always stuff to sketch for an eternity!

This sketch is the very first one I did, on the first evening. It was a very quick one, we had just deviated from the planned road to show Kevin The Rock from Gibraltar. I had already seen it, had even spent quite a long time there as I was sailing fromm Villajoyosa to the Canary Islands with my brother about 10 years ago. But Kevin had never been there, and as every English man proud of possessing a part of the Iberian peninsula, no way we could drive past without a glance.

I had no much time to sketh, we had to drive further and try to find a place for the night, so I had no time to pay much attention to the Rock shape, but I would say that one can recognise it, more or less… but the colours, as often, are invented, although it was sunset, they could be true…

or not?


One Response to “Back home in Turre (Almeria, Spain)”

  1. Susan Cornelis Says:

    So glad you’re back! And I look forward to seeing all your new sketches and chatting in email again. THis one is a good start. Quick though it was, it’s so evocative.

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