Cádiz – 4 – (Travel Sketches Spain 2009)

Cadiz 10 2009 S

I don’t know why, but I adore to sketch themes with TV antennas, cranes and boat masts. The reason might be that they always create a great contrast in old Spanish and Portuguese towns, but psycho logs might find a deeper reason to it?

Cadiz 13 2009 Sthe tiny little lady in green with the purple flowers bouquet in her arm crossed the scene while I was sketching… one wouldn’t believe iy, but she walked quite fast… I tried to catch her with my pen and got this tiny little impression of her…


4 Responses to “Cádiz – 4 – (Travel Sketches Spain 2009)”

  1. severnyproductions Says:

    i like the loose colour, full of personality

  2. wrjones Says:

    I like the boat a lot. Maybe you like them as you do them so well.

  3. Bob Cornelis Says:

    Hey, Miki – I’m back in the blogosphere! Just in time for your wonderful travel sketches! I love them, as usual… especially your unique use of color.

    Boat masts, antenna, cranes… all look to me like crosses. Some kind of martyr complex?

  4. Miki Says:

    @ Severny
    hello stranger! Thank you very much for passing by and leaving this nice comment. Freedom was since ever the most important parameter and aim of my life, so, I guess, it comes through my art, especially in the use of colours which i most of the time invent… but most of the buildings in Cadiz tend to really have the colours I put on them 🙂

    @ Wrjones
    I do love boats, and I do love being on a boat, with motor or sails… unfortunately boats are not so easy to draw I find, and my are certainly not full of the right perspective… but well, they dance in all directions, like my houses… and myself!

    @ Bob
    Hello back, Bob, as always, very nice to see you in my Infinity+2. I certainly understand very well your temporary absences from the blogosphere. I have found myself that bloging is rewarding and satisfying only when one has enough time to spend with it, to visit other blogs, to comment, to enter discussions… anything else is “only” self representation and I don’t enjoy it myself.
    No, I really don’t believe that i have some martyr complex… but nice try!!! :-). Most of the people speak of a penis complex… really !
    But fact is that I do love to draw crosses too… for the same reason I guess: I love the straight vertical lines in contrast to bizarre and dancing buildings…

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