Keith Richards

Keith Richards S

Some days ago I felt the need to go back to the world of portraits… this always happens to me after an intenive time of painting/sketching landscapes, which is right now the case with my travel sketches of Portugal and Spain.

This is a portarit of Keith Richards, you know, from the Rolling Stones…

how he looks like nowadays, a fascinating face to me.

This portrait is pure digital art, using my old Wacom tablet and the digital pen, of which I had forgotten the existence and in fact hardly used in the past. I can’t believe that I missed this tool all these years, as I enjoyed it so much! Now the tablet is definitely installed on my desk, and I will certainly use it more than once, for portraits or other kind of digital art. I must confess that I love digital art, one of the main reasons being  that… it is soooo clean!

Keith Richards 02 - by Miki


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4 Responses to “Keith Richards”

  1. gasbit Says:

    Wow, looking at it I did not think it was digital

  2. Elin Says:

    You have a good “hand”. Something that doesn’t come quickly. Kudus to you from a non-digital “messy” painter.

  3. bobcornelis Says:

    I agree, I was shocked to hear it was all digital. And you’d think I would know! You really cross the divide between digital and traditional with more ease than just about anyone I’ve seen.

  4. Miki Says:

    Thnals for visiting and commenting! I am myself amazed how closed to classic art digital art can go.

    I am shocked myself. I remember having had a conversation with 2 guys about 10 years ago, both fanatics odf computer. They were saying that one day one could not make the difference between classic and digital art. I was kind of “offended” and answered quite energetically:
    Today, if I would see this portrait by somebody else than me, I would never believe that it is entirely digital art.
    I made some months ago some other digital portraits, from the musicians in BC SWEET, Kevin’s band. And I must say that I find this technique very adequate for rock musicians!
    But I also did 2 portraits of father and daughter, for ecards for father’s day, and this technique was good too. But at that time, I only used the mouse. The Wacom tablet allows me to draw and paint almost exactly as in the classical way.

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