Sanlucar de Barrameda – 1 – (Travel Sketches Spain 2009)

Sanlucar de Barrameda 01 2009 S

Sanlucar de Barrameda 03 2009 S

Further west from Cadiz, a lovely little toen by the sea. We spent only some hours there, but they were quite exciting. There w emet lovely people, especially a certain Ted from New Orleans, a former scientist who is an artist now living bewtween New Orleans and Spain… we all felt on the same wavelength from the very first moment, and hope to meet again some day some where… in New Orleans perhaps!It was one of these rare encounters one makes on the road, the kind of stuff I simply love because of the spontaneity and the casualty…

In the afternoon we also attended a spontaneous flamenco gig on the main place of the town, it was a great atmosphere, typically Spanish, as Spanish as it was in the past, when the tourists hadn’t yet invaded the land and the culture…

and we also formed friendship with a 2 years old Spanish guy, who was totally fascinated by our bicycles and came to us all the time, escaping from his parents, and asking to go on the bikes! Kevin helped with delight… and it was so cute to see the little boy sadly waving goodbye when we had to go, although i am not quite sure what he missed more, us or the bikes!


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  2. bobcornelis Says:

    Just the right combination of lines from the pen and washes of color. You can tell they are done quickly, but what is there says it all! Have you ever tried to do a large “real” painting using this fresh, dashed-off style? Susan says it’s really, really hard…

  3. Miki Says:

    Hi Bob!
    I have done 2 paintings in acrylics on canvas, in format 70 x 70 cm (while the travel sketches are 30 x 30 cm) based on 2 travel sketches from last year. I am happy with the result, but it is certainly more difficult than the fats water colour & ink sketches. When I did them, i tried to be quick too, and free, I suppose this is the secret.
    i want to do more, on even bigger formats, just the question of finding time for it!

  4. Andrew Petcher Says:

    Fabulous! – I really like them

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