El Rocio – 1 – (Travel Sketches Spain 2009)

El Rocio 01 2009 S

El Rocio 02 2009 S

El Rocio, Our last stop on the way to Portugal. An amazing tiny little town where the streets are all covered with sand and where people move on horses (not only the tourists, really!  🙂  ). A town internationally well-known for religious reasons, google it if you want details, I am too lazy to write about it ! So well-known that Julio Iglesias was there last night and gave a concert in front of 6000 people.

I had been there before, about 15 years ago, and I wanted to show it to Kevin, who enjoyed the place as much as I did. We ddin’t ride horses but we were quite a lot out on the bikes, exploring the region around, especially the National Park of Doñana. I sketched quite a lot in the town, although I didn’t feel so comfortable with drawing horses from nature… I should practice it a  little bit more  I suppsoe!

In El Rocio we has a great encounter with a couple of English people, a couple of professional photographers which are travelling through Spain making photos from wild life… they had been on their way since months as we met them, and had still a lot of travel plans around Spain and Portugal. We hope to see them again soon, concretly: they might come and visit us here in Turre in October!


2 Responses to “El Rocio – 1 – (Travel Sketches Spain 2009)”

  1. Andrew Petcher Says:

    I really like those sketches, especially the first – it captures real Spain so wel

  2. Miki Says:

    Thanks, Andrew, and welcome to my Spanish world… nowadays it is no ore so easy to find “real Spain”, but it still exists and it is still wonderful there!

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