William Shatner in “Boston Legal”

William Shatner as Denny Crane S

Earlier this year i watched at the series “Boston Legal” and it became one of my favourites. I especially enjoyed the relationship there between the two main male actors Wiiliam Shatner and James Spader. So much that I decided to make their portraits, my own way to be able to look at them even after the series was finished! I decided to paint them in these wonderful scenes on the balcony, at the end of each episode, where they are smoking a big cigar together.

Some time ago I started with “Alan Shore” (James Spader), but then I had too many other professional obligations and I had to leave Alan alone for a while. But these days I have made the portrait of “Denny Crane” too, in pastel and brown colour pencil.

I have also decoded to draw some others interesting characters from the Boston Legal Team… coming soon if nothing else comes between!

This painting is available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper or canvas, and also as greeting cards. Just click on the widgets below to access my FAA store

Photography Prints


And more generally you can see all the stuff I paint by going to my gallery “Miki’s Enchanted World”. Just click -gently!- on my face.


3 Responses to “William Shatner in “Boston Legal””

  1. bobcornelis Says:


    What a coincidence – I’m just finishing up season 2 of this series and also am enjoying it. Particularly, as you say, the relationship between Spader and Shatner. One of the quirkiest tv duos I’ve run across.

    I can just hear the words “Denny Crane” rolling of Shatners lips in this portrait (after removing the cigar!).

  2. Pomme Says:

    Oh ! ce portrait est splendide Miki !

  3. Miki Says:

    @ Pomme
    Merci! Et a très bientôt, je t’écris…

    @ Bob
    Yes, a funny coïncidence… I really miss these 2 guys on the balcony… as you say, one of the best (and weirdest!) TV duos I have ever seen. I was so sad as we reached the end of the series. I envy you for being only at season 3!

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