Man, Bull and Horse in Digital Light


After a portrait of Keith Richards, which I posted the other day, another example of pure Digital Art.

I do believe that the computer tools are very adequate to express the vibrancy of the Fiesta…

A “painting”‘ based on a wonderful photo taken by my French friend and bullfight lover Joel D. My special thanks goes to him for allowing me to use his photos.



5 Responses to “Man, Bull and Horse in Digital Light”

  1. Joël Says:

    🙂 you’re welcome, dear Miki !

  2. Joël Says:

    I am so surprised by the result obtained from using digital tools ! It is very nice and although you use a “machine”, life is there, indeed.

  3. bobcornelis Says:


    Thanks for showing the original photograph and your interpretation of it. Shows how much artistry you add to the equation!

  4. Miki Says:

    @ Joel
    You know, Joel, a pen or a brush is nothing else than a “machine” too! Just a very simple machine! For my part, I find it very logical that a complicated machine like a computer offers the same possibilities and much more than a pen or a brush. The life in the rat work does not come from the pen or the brush, it comes from the artist. And when working art at a computer, it is still the artist who uses the tools.
    When I do my digital art, I use a tablet and a digital pen too, meaning that my hand (and my brain anyway!) can do exactly the same as on paper or canvas.
    I love digital art, as well in the execution as in the results: the possibilities are infinite and I feel a deep freedom when I am working at the computer. all the tools are there, with only one pen in my hand to draw, paint, and click to the colours, brushes, textures, etc… i need!I am sure that some artists feel that it is not tactile, or as sensual as working in a classical way. But I must deny that. It is just another kind of sensuality, but it is there too!

    @ Bob
    Thanks Bob!. To work from a photo is for me not very different from working from nature. It is all a question of subjective interpretation, most of the time consisting in leaving out some stuff at some places and adding some other at other places. In fac for me it means: emphasizing what I love in the subject, forgetting what i don’t like, and most of the time putting stronger colours than in reality.

  5. Joël Says:

    Miki, j’apprécie beaucoup tes explications et je comprends mieux maintenant : effectivement, quelque soit soit l’outil utlisé, tout est question de sensibilité et d’interprêtation de ce que tu ressens. En tout cas, c’est un grand merci que nous devons te donner d’apporter une part de rêve avec tes oeuvres.

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