Castro Marim – 2 – (Travel Sketches Portugal 2009)

Castro Marim 13 bis 2009 S

Castro Marim 14 bis 2009 S

Castro Marim 15 2009 bis S

Mixed technique of  ink, watercolour and digital art.

When I get bored working at my travel sketches (and this happens regularly  as I have many sketches … ) I go back to my wonderful computer and try some new stuff. As I said in a comment, the possibilities are infinite, and it means FREEDOM for me, which is perhaps the most important TOOL for me in art (and in life).

Yes, freedom is a tool… (never considered it that way before, it just occurred to me…  🙂  )

Anyway, this art work is available directly on-line as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper or canvas, and also as greeting card. Just click on the widgets below to access my FAA store

Sell Art Online

Sell Art Online

Sell Art Online


And more generally you can see what all I paint by going to my gallery “Miki’s Enchanted World”


6 Responses to “Castro Marim – 2 – (Travel Sketches Portugal 2009)”

  1. syria Says:

    Nice paintings. Really great talent it is. I appreciate each one.

  2. Joël Says:

    Miki, garde précieusement cet outil que tu appelles “freedom” : il te permet de nous régaler de tant de styles différents ! Bravo pour ces nouvelles oeuvres !

  3. Bob Cornelis Says:


    I was trying to figure out what looked different to me about these when I read that they involved some digital work. They’re quite nice – I like the more opaque color quality these have. Very beautiful…

  4. Miki Says:

    @ Syria
    Thanks for the great compliment and welcome to my world…

    @ Joel
    Tres commentaires me font toujours tellement plaisir… oui, l’instriument “liberte” est bien pratique et tres apte à trouver de l’inspiration… 🙂

    @ Bob
    Yes, teh digital tools allow different effects which i quite like. Transform a water colour sketch in an acrylic painting… kind of!

  5. ivdanu Says:

    Yes, miki, nice sketches… I can see some magic wand on them!

  6. kevmoore Says:

    Completely love Castro Marim, and your ability to bring it right back to me with a stroke of a pen and a click of a mouse!
    The village, being pretty much the first one encounters on entering Portugal to the South, can be no finer advert for this beautiful country, as indeed these sketches are to your art.x

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