Steven Tyler 02 (Aerosmith)

Steven Tyler 02 S

Kevin told me that I should paint him, because he became quite newsworthy these days after having falling down  from the stage!

So I did it, and I don’t even know the guy (sorry, I am musically totally ignorant, although Kevin is doing his very best to keep me informed…  🙂  )

Anyway, this is a great face and a great attitude, and I really don’t care who he is and where he has fallen from, it was simply a deep pleasure to make his portrait. Well, in fact I made 2 portraits of him, the first one is to be found in my portrait blog here


4 Responses to “Steven Tyler 02 (Aerosmith)”

  1. kevmoore Says:

    Just so you all know out there – I am trying to teach her who these people are…but she isn’t a lost cause, she unfailingly singles out the same great music time and again when I have it on the player, and I can tell you some of her favourite artists are Toto, Thunder, Aerosmith and Kip Winger, even though she doesn’t know their names or what they look like! But really, surely that is how it should be, isn’t it? As Aerosmith themselves once sang”: “Let the music do the talking…”

  2. Bob Cornelis Says:

    Funny, when i read your posting, Miki, my first thought was to ask what music you like to listen to (other than Kev’s). And here is my answer waiting for me.

    A great portrait – I like how the left side of the painting is broken up so it fades into the background…

  3. Miki Says:

    @ Bob
    Well, I like quite a lof of stuff in music. What Kevin is listing, is just a part of our common tastes.
    I also love Pink Floyd (whom I have seen twice on stage in France in my youth), the Rolling Stones, Dire Straits, Gilambis…
    As single singers I love Glenn Hughes, Joe Cocker, Bryan Adams, Damien Rice, and… Kevin will ill me for daring mentioning him!!! – James Blunt…
    I also love a lot of the French chansonniers… Jacques Brel was my favourite evr (but he is Belgian!)
    I also love some kind of classical music, especially when it sounds wild…

  4. maria Says:

    very beautifull this painting of steven tyler.
    you have a very good style.
    i am an artist too.
    i draw portrets with pencil.
    can you please tell me where you made this website?
    howcome that if i google ”steven tyler portrets” i get to you? i hope you have an advice for me.

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