Egrets from The Past

Reading at Susan Cornelis’ post this morning, I was suddenly remembered of quieter times of my life when I spent many hours watching at birds in different places from euripe… it was of course before I met my Rocker Kev Moore, since then, I have hardly time to spend observing birds… he hasn’t got the necessary patience to it!

Anyway—once I even started a kind of sketch book about the birds I saw…I spent some time searhcing for thta book todat, as I have paintings and sketch books all over the places, and hardly keeps notice where they are. But here it is, the first drawing featuring some  egrets from The Delta del Ebro?Spain and  Les Dombes/France. But these are  all “petites aigrettes”, little egrets, while I think the one in Susan;s post is a “grande aigrette” (sure you can do the translation yourself!)

Egrets 01

This second sketch is just a “copy” from a book about birds, kind of…

Egrets 02


4 Responses to “Egrets from The Past”

  1. bobcornelis Says:

    Thanks for puling these out- it’s always fascinating to peer into the raw sketchbooks of an artist. Often so much fresher and revealing than real paintings! Wish I read French so I could understand your notes…

  2. Susan Cornelis Says:

    More! More! I love them.

  3. Pomme Says:

    Tes oiseaux sont majestueux ! je suis sûre qu’ils seraient fiers de se voir ainsi dessinés.
    J’adore regarder les oiseaux aussi, j’en ai beaucoup dans mon jardin et je m’arrête souvent pour observer leur manège.
    Et tous les hivers, j’ai un petit rouge gorge qui vient dans mon jardin, on dit qu’ils reviennent toujours à la même maison. Si c’est vrai, je t’assure que j’en prends soin avec distribution de miettes et parfois de beurre.
    Si j’avais autant de talent que toi, je le dessinerai à coup sûr !

  4. kevmoore Says:

    I also adore Miki’s sketchbooks, they look so beautiful when they’re filled with illustrations and writings. Encore!

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