Wait for me…

10 The Pilgrims S

Today, 15h English time, is another game from “my” football team, “The Rams”, DCFC, Derby County Football Club. A home game against Plymouth, whose nickname is “The oilgrims”. Just before the start of the Championship season, early this month, I published an art football calendar featuring The Rams fighting against some of the other teams. One of them was Plymouth…

In fact the Ram on the picture, wearing a life belt and ready to jump into the ocean to fight for his team, even if it men swimming to America, is of course the most fanatic football fan I have ever met, my partner Kev Moore!

but don;t think twice, he can swim, he normally doesn’t need any belt when we both swim our 1000 metres everyday…

Anyway: We have to win today!

PS: the mentioned calendar is to purchase in Miki’s Mart


4 Responses to “Wait for me…”

  1. kevmoore Says:

    A hard fought 2-1 win for the Rams!!! Yeeeesss!!

  2. bobbygee Says:

    Great art work. I love English futebol. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  3. Joël Says:

    Miki, je n’ai plus à invoquer les Grands Esprits ! 10èmes, les Rams commencent une belle saison : je suis sur qu’Addison a été dopé par la chanson de Kevin ! 🙂

  4. Miki Says:

    @ Joël
    Bonjour! depuis aujourd’hui les Rams sont même 9ème!
    Mets les Grands Esprits de cote, je suis sure qu’on va encore en avoir besoin souvent… samedi prochain, terrible math contre l’ennemi héréditaire: the Red Dogs! Chez eux en plus!

    @ bobbygee
    Bom dia! I love English futebol too… and Brazil!

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