Portrait of Michael Jackson 04

Michael Jackson 04 S

I feel deeply inspired by all the singing and dancing attitudes from Michael Jackson… I guess the series of portraits of him will become quite long, except of course, if I get bored with myself painting Michael Jackson before then… which is more than probable!

My whole career as a series painter is always a race against boredom… if I want to paint a series, I have to be very quick, to paint relentlessly, because my boredom could outrun Usain Bolt!


7 Responses to “Portrait of Michael Jackson 04”

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  2. ivdanu Says:

    Interesting portrait, miki! What a symbolic one, too… kind of falling apart… I would used more somber blues and maybe violets but that’s me (look at What I did Last Night on my blog!)

    Michael has played an interesting part in my life, too, indirectly… My elder son, the one with problmes, was an inconditional fan (is probably still…) When Michael came to Romania (was it in 1993? 94?) he insisted so much that we had to go with him, my other son Teodor and me, to bring him at the Concert in bucharest (we lived then about 300 km NO from the capital…) It was an adventure… We (Teo & me) left earlier and Dan L. got lost and arrived home 1-2 days later, all rilled up… Wow! And Michael was exactly the same age as my ex… And his life (what we know of it) is so significant for the madness of our tine, so kitsch and so tragic…

  3. Miki Says:

    Hi Danu!
    As you say, colours are very personal… i rarely use blue as dominant colour in a painting, but here I love it.

    I always had a deep admiration for the artist Michael Jackson, especially loving his dancing. I don’t know really much about “the man” Michael Jackson and his life, but I would never think that his life was kitsch. But tragic yes.

    I would not say I was a fan of him, as I haven’t at all this “to be fan ability” within me (I am unfortunately much too critic and demanding for that). I am deeply shocked about his death, each time when i see him, I kind of feel so desperate, very deep inside. I simply hate his death… and to make a lot of portraits of him is for me a way to fight this hate…

  4. kevmoore Says:

    His life was ultimately tragic, Danu, as evidenced by his early, needless death. But as to kitsch…I’m not so sure. Whilst his success was born out of the American “showbiz” ethos, and he certainly exhibited many eccentricities, I don’t think he can be dismissed as kitsch, simply n the basis of the occasional syrupy ballad. his form of music, neither pop, rock, soul or funk -was simply Michael Jackson music, a glorious crossover of styles that allowed him to be equally at home with Eddie Van Halen, Slash from Guns n Roses, Steve Stevens from Billy Idol’s band, or Paul McCartney. Anyone who has seen his staged performance of “Give in to me” or “Dirty Diana” I’m sure would concur that he could certainly “kick out the kitsch!”
    I hope he finally found the peace in death that he was robbed of in the last years of his life.

  5. danu Says:

    I never said or thought of him himself as kitsch miki and kev! the media circus is what I was reffering to… That was and still is kitsch and worst… I like his music and I consider him a great, sensible artist… But all that media circus!man!…

  6. kevmoore Says:

    Ah, yes – indeed, as with Elvis the media circus is indeed the essence of kitsch. There is something almost religious in the fervour that surrounds such global performers ( I find the same kitshc-iness in Catholicism and its garish artefacts for example – no better than a nodding Elvis for the car!!)

  7. wrjones Says:

    Very powerful.

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