Flowers for my Friend

Flowers for my Friend S

pour mon amie Emma….

This morning I woke up with a very special friend to my French friend Emma, one of the persons I most admire in the world. I created this bunch of flowers for her, my way to present  her my best wishes for her beginning carreer. She is a wonderful therapist… and soon to contract online! But unfortunately only for the French speaking people… although I must dsay, she is so good at what she does, that it would be worth to learn French just to get your psycho problems fixed by her!  🙂

Big hugs, Pomme, and I wish you the very best, which you anyway deserve!

You can see my -so far- published collection of flowers and still life in my FFA Gallery clicking on this link.

If you are interested, You can buy there directly on line, prints of these paintings in many different sizes, on different kind of papers or canvas, or as greeting cards. Just click on the widget below

Art Prints

4 Responses to “Flowers for my Friend”

  1. Caio Fernandes Says:

    those flowers are realy beautiful !!!
    the clours you were able to reach and all these moviments ….
    thank you!!!

  2. Emma Says:

    Mille mercis Miki !
    Moi qui suis toujours fascinée par tes peintures, tu me fais là un immense cadeau 🙂
    Je suis très touchée.
    I have so chance to be your friend ! and I have another chance : I understand better than I write english 😉

  3. wrjones Says:

    Wow. Beautiful. A lucky friend.

  4. Miki Says:

    Thank you very much everybody

    I would say: anybody who has a true friend or is somebody’s true friend is a lucky person!!
    True friends are rare, I hardly had some in my life. although the real reason might be that I spent my life moving from one place to another…

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