The Sweeties

Sweeties 01 S

Yesterday I  started a new series of paintings “The Sweeties”. Well, I guess it will be more a mini-series, as I don’t believe that my inspiration and technique will last for many paintings. I needed to take a holiday from travel sketches and  musicians paintings, and there is for me only one way: to flee back into the fantasy world. No real people, no real places, just weird and/or silly stuff. To tell the whole truth, I was so fed up that our team Derby lost in football against our mortal enemy “Nothingham Forest” that I had to leave this bloody reality for a while and calm down!

One day I might tell you why I called the series this way… in fact seing how it started, The Weirdos would be perhaps more appropriate, but the name refers to the technique I use… eating sweeties while I paint?


3 Responses to “The Sweeties”

  1. Bob Cornelis Says:


    I guess weirdos describes the subject matter while sweeties describes the artist! Indeed, a strange painting but full of you – I bet if I ran across this painting somewhere I would know it must have been done by you. Your style is unmistakable!

  2. Susan Says:

    I agree with Bob. You are truly a one of a kind artist, which is what all artists aspire to. I am filled with curiosity about how your did this piece, but then I knowyou don’t like to be asked. So I’ll just enjoy it without knowing. . .

  3. kevmoore Says:

    I just love this, and knowing you love your sweeties – it’s pure YOU!

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