Alcoudim – 2 – (Travel Sketches Portugal 2009)

Back to “real” work now, after an evasion in the Music world and ma Fantasy world…

Some works on commission are waiting , not the easiest part of my job, really! I mean psychologically it is not easy, it means much less freedom in the realisation and above all the necessity to succeed. But well, it must be done!

This is why I wnet back to work on my last travel sketches of Spain/Portugal, specifically to Alcoutim (see here the first post about it, with some sketches)by the Spanish border  I have still a lot to there, and I would like to finish them before we start the next trip in the middle of september, although we actually have no idea if our initial plan to go to The Provence/France for one month will come true…

Alcoutim 06 2009 bis S

Alcoutim 05 2009 bis S

Alcoutim 07 2009 bis S


6 Responses to “Alcoudim – 2 – (Travel Sketches Portugal 2009)”

  1. severnyproductions Says:

    i like the relaxed way you paint. very easy on the eyes

  2. kevmoore Says:

    Once again, I’m transported back to this lovely place. I well remember walking up that steep path (in the first picture) many times to check on your progress as you sketched by the water feature there. I was certainly fit by the end of that day!

  3. Bob Cornelis Says:

    These are “digital” paintings, no? I think they are a really nice complement to your “straight” paintings… I particularly like the color palette of the 1st one – not the colors I usually see in your work. But the warm browns and tans work well here.

    You make me want to get in an RV and drive around…

  4. trish Says:

    hi! I just found your blog this evening, and I love your sketches!! They are just so colorful and expressive! Can’t wait to come back to look around more:)

  5. danu Says:

    I also like them very much, miki! (digital or not, doesn,t really matter…) I know – from his blog – bob is partial to ocre and burnt umber and gold but they go well with you too… Not that you blue and violets and yellows aren<t great…

  6. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Oh yes! Marvelous – the drawings and the colors you’ve put to them. I do hope you get to do your Provence trip!

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