Mertola (Travel Sketches Portugal 2009)

Mertola, not very far away from our last stop Alcoutim, on the way up towards North (which we will never reach, but this is another story for the next entry). In fact we were there only in the hope to find somewhere a place which would sell us a battery for the motor home cell,  but what we found was a lot of motives for me and no battery, of course  Here for the first time I felt quite down, we had no time to stay as we really needed to solve the motor home problem and there were no camp-sites around where we could have spent a night. I saw motives to sketch everywhere, but not simple ones, quite complicated architectures and I would have needed quite a lot of time to do them. Even fast sketches need some care, even from me who generally does not care so much about accuracy, geometry, realism, etc…

Kevin calmed me down, telling me that we could stay one hour, and we could then come back when we would have solved the motorhome problem. And while he went and visited alone the great monuments, I sketched around with a nervous hand, terrified not to have enough time to at least fix a little bit of the surrounding beauty. And secretly knowing that we wouldn’t come back, at least not so soon,…

Mertola 02 2009 bis S


Mertola 01 2009 bis S


Mertola 03 2009 bis S


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