Golf Love

Last week, searching for a way to be able to watch our Football Team Derby County live via the internet, I stumbled upon a site which promised, after paying a very low fee,  to be able to watch live the big golf events of this world, especially to follow The European PGA Tour. I spoke about it at some different points in this blog, I have been a golf fanatic, playing golf myself, but also often travelling to the European PGA games to see my heroes live. And also, to be able to see great golf swings, as the golf swings one generally sees on golf courses are not exactly from the kind one aspires to have oneself… 🙂

Due to important changes in my life, my golf activity has much diminished over the last few years, but always, when I have a glance at a golf course, on the screen or in the real world, I feel a deep yearning inside.  This always makes me understand how much I, probably unconsciously, miss golf.

Anyway, I have paid the fee, and on Thursday, I waited with big impatience to see if I would really be able to follow the actual  PGA golf tournament, this time in Cran-sur-Sierre, a wonderful golf course in the Swiss Alps. I have been there myself, right at the beginning of my own golf career, and this is where I saw for the first time the big names of the golf world, such as Sam Torrance, Colin Montgomery, etc…

Fantagolf Crans Sur Sierre 01 S

The people on the golf channel fulfilled their promise and I was indeed able to follow the whole tournament, from Thursday to Sunday. a great coverage, with on top of it, good and humorous comments, I just loved it! I know, I spent perhaps too many hours in front of the screen, omitting to make my work, but well, I have  to deal with heavy problems in the family at the moment, problems which in fact break my heart, and this was certainly the best way to relax and take my mind off it.  I could not resist to make some sketches and inspired by one of them, I simply made this digital painting this morning. A lot of people, used to my fantasy and wild stuff, will probably be amazed to see this kind of work from me, but the fact is that I love golf, and more generally any kind of sport. One shouldn’t wonder that sport is an art motif for me, and always has been . By the way I gave an interview about this theme some time ago, look here if you are interested.  You will also see there a water colour self portrait of me golfing.


4 Responses to “Golf Love”

  1. Bob Cornelis Says:


    I’m loving these digital paintings of yours – it’s a really unique style! Nice golf swing rendered here. I’ll bet you have to be golfer yourself (as you are) to know how to paint such a natural looking swing.

    BTW your golf self portrait is great – I think you look like a young Anika Sorenson…

  2. Joël Says:

    Dear Miki, It will be a big pleasure to see you coming for golfing near my home ! And I promiss you a nice cup of light coffee with milk ! 🙂

  3. Miki Says:

    @ Joel

    Hello again my dear friend Joel!
    Thnaks for the lovely coffee invitation, i see that you already know which kind of coffee I love to drink. I will give you someore details: Kevin and me we prefer by far Nescafe Filtre, the one with the golden bouchon! By the way we can’t find it here in Spain, or very raely and then vERY expensive, so every time we go to France, we bring a lot back. Kevin sometimes brings some from England too, when he goes gigging… but generally our Neacfe Gold supply is really a fight!

    The idea of playing golf close to your home is certainly very attractive (I already played quite a lot around Lyon, nice!), but it won’t be this year, I fear. Our trip to La Provence is delayed, because of professional schedules and private complications, and we don’t even know if we will be able to start later on.
    I’ll tell you more about it as soon as I get able to communicate again 🙂

    @ Bob
    I said it many time already, i love myself digital art, or mixed technique involving digital art. It simply offers so many possibilities, I feel wonderfully free when I do these paintings, in the choice of the colours, lines, structures…
    A huge advantage: the final paintings don’t take so much place, then, and they are so discrete saved in the computer… I have so many already from the classical style, sometimes I feel I can’t breathe among them!

  4. Susan Cornelis Says:

    This one is just masterful Miki!
    I am so sorry to hear of your family problems. I hope they resolve themselves soon!

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