Golf in Austria

Fantagolf Club Fontana 02 S

Faithful to my golf addiction and my intention to make a series of the golf courses where the European PGA tournaments take place, I have spent the last few days in Austria, in the Golf club Fontana, by Vienna. Well, I was not really there, but in front of my computer, enjoying the game and making sketches. Unfortunately my favourite, an Englishman, didn’t win, but a young Spaniard did, who seems to have a great career in front of him. At least he has a divine swing, and also seems to have the necessary humility and wisdom to become a big golf champion. I just wish he would relax and smile a little bit more when he is playing…

Anyway, here are 2 of the paintings I did, based on the sketches. I might do some more, as I found the course design very inspiring, and due to the lovely weather some of the players were wearing artistic shirts. I never chose to feature the golf celebrities in my paintings, I just follow the colours…

Apropos colours: it is a big challenge for me me to paint golf motifs, as I hate the colour green!!!!

Fantagolf Club Fontana 03 S


One Response to “Golf in Austria”

  1. bobcornelis Says:

    More cool work! I particularly like the colors in the second one, where the orange shirt works so well with the green background.

    Interesting that you don’t like green – ever figured out why? Is it hard to use, you just don’t like it, ??? Your greens here are beautiful…

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