Serpa – 4 – (Travel Sketches Portugal 2009)

Serpa 22 2009 SThat little olf woman in the sketch, who is trying to open her door, is one of the rare Portuguese people who came and spoke to me while I was sketching. A lovely olf lady, who wanted to know what i was doing there, by no means understanding that I could find some charm in what i was seeing! She was above all worrying about me sitting in the sun without a hat… i gave her one of my galleries leaflets -I had nothing else, not even that sketch which I had just started!-  with all the tiny little images of my paintings, and she was over the moon, carrying into her house as if it was a treasure. it was very touching…

Serpa 24 2009 S


Serpa 23 2009 S


All these paintings (and many others!) are available as Giclee print in different sizes and on different supports (paper, canvas) in my FAA Gallery

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One Response to “Serpa – 4 – (Travel Sketches Portugal 2009)”

  1. wrjones Says:

    Just great sketches, Miki. It makes me want to run out and start drawing.

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