Golf in France: The Vivendi Trophy

Opposing Continental Europa to GB & I  (Great Britain & Irland). After 3 days, it does not stay very well for the continent… a great competition though, a little bit like the Ryder’s Cup between Europa and the USA. I always enjoy very much these teams competitions, and so do the players I believe..

Wonderful weather on the French course of Saint Nom La Breteche where the Trophy takes place. I was there many years ago, to watch at a tournament of the PGA tour… the next day my brother was marrying in Paris, I myself lived in Germany at that time… Anf the day before, I had been in Disney Land Paris, doing guess what?

Playing golf myself!

Fantagolf Vivendi Trophy 2009 02 S


Fantagolf Vivendi Trophy 2009 03 S

The TV coverage started very early this morning, and it was a wonderful autumn atmosphere on the golf course… it reminded me when I spent some months in a flat on a golf course in Alsace, about 10 years ago. Every day at 8 I was on the golf course, alone… I simply loved it!


7 Responses to “Golf in France: The Vivendi Trophy”

  1. Joël Says:

    Je connais peu le golf mais peu importe : quelle maitrise de la lumière !

  2. Emma Says:

    Magnifique Miki !
    Comme tout novice de ton art, je reste à regarder et à imaginer comment on peut jouer autant avec les couleurs. J’adore vraiment.

  3. bobcornelis Says:


    I love the light you captured in the second piece – lovely! Your paintings make me wish I had taken up golf. Actually many years ago I decided to take up either golf or photography – took a few golf lessons but decided my future lay with the camera. Wonder if I made the right choice.

    Are you and Kev still swinging the clubs now and then?

  4. mimulus Says:

    Hi, Miki! The golf series are wonderful! And the portuguese scene is touching.

  5. Miki Says:

    Hello everybody, thank you for your comments and sorry that I am late in answering…

    @ Joel
    tu as mis le doigt dessus: la lumiere! C;est l’un des facteurs les plus importants pour moi en peinture, tout sujet sur lequel se projette une belle lumiere m’emerveille et m’invite a peindre!

    merci! tes commentaires me ravissent toujours, ils sont si admiratifs et poetiques… je te l’ai deja dit, en d’autres termes peut etre, je peins pour des gens comme toi!

    Never too late to take up golf! I had a German friend, he started playing golf with 77, and he was not bad at all. And above all, he enjoyed it very much.
    If Kevin and me are swinging the clubs? This is quite a painful theme, in fact… I would love to play golf again 9I stopped as I met Kevin). I gave him some lessons sometimes, but never regularly, and now it has been months again since we went to the driving range. But We have decided, as soon as the works on the new flats are finished (it “eats” quite a lot of time and nerves!), we will go back there… I can’t wait!
    At the moment and since more than 2 months now, we at least take the time to go swimming our kilometer every day, and this is great!

    what a pleasure :to see” you again”! Unfortunately I could not find any time in the last months to have some “social activity” on the net (and neither in real time in fact!) and often I have the unpleasant feeling to have let down my friends… I am then even more touched when i see them -you are certainly one of them- visiting me again— thank you so much for that!
    And of course thank you for the wonderful compliments! Big hug!

  6. ivdanu Says:

    I,m truly amazed how active and productive you are, Miki! Great stuff, also! (I see you got more taste for the caricatural stuff and the colors are so bright and cheerful! wow!

  7. ivdanu Says:

    I was not refering only at this post which, of course, has nothing caricatural… I just have posted here my reflections to your last 5-6 posts…

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