Serpa – 5 – (Travel Sketches Portugal 2009)

I still haven’t finished to work on my sketches from our last trip through Portugal in June/July 2009, still hanging around in Serpa… I am kind of saturated now with this work, I would like to stop, but on the other side, I still have many cute sketches, which need some work, and I can’t really put them on the side. Yesterday evening I felt quite down, felling trapped in this work somehow. I want to do other stuff, and I want to go on holidays again, but on the other side, I don’t want to spend my life working on travel sketches! An unpleasant dilemma…

Going on holidays without sketching the new places we see is for me unthinkable, but coming back and starting again to work on travel sketches, is unthinkable as well! Above all because it looks like as we will do a big trip in January/February, to totally new places for me, and surely when I will come back, I will have a lot of work to do…

Oh yes, I know, moaning is not very sexy  (this is what I say to Kevin all the time!  🙂  ), and above all obscene when one has such a great life as we have!!!

Serpa 25 2009 S*********

Serpa 27 2009 S


Serpa 29 2009 S

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One Response to “Serpa – 5 – (Travel Sketches Portugal 2009)”

  1. sartenada Says:

    These are lovely. I love them.

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