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I have recently been interviewed by a local magazine, “Mojacar Magazine” The title of the interview is

“Miki, an Artist with Passion!”

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Hello Miki, thanks for talking to Mojacar Magazine.

We came across your site by mistake but what caught our eye was your style of painting, can you tell us a bit about yourself and why you settled in Spain?

Hello Ian, and thank you for inviting me to appear in your great magazine.

I have been living and working  in the Mojacar area, or more precisely Turre, for about one year. Before, I lived in El Albir, a little seaside town by Benidorm.

How I came to definitely settle in Spain is a long love story, starting about 53 years ago, when I came on holiday to Benidorm with my parents, and then every year thereafter.

I have moved a lot since I was born,  but Spain has always been my constant, in fact the only place where I felt home.

I was born in 1955 in the French Pyrenees, in a town called Tarbes. But due to the profession of my father, we lived in many different places around France. At 19 I left France to go and study Mathematics and Physics in Germany. After my studies  I worked in Germany as a mathematician in the university, and then later in industry but I had started to paint in parallel as I was about 25 years old. Just a way of finding a balance to the cold and naked world of mathematics (but which I was nevertheless passionate for!)

Then came a point in my life when I decided to stop working as a mathematician and dedicate my life entirely to art. I thought Spain was the right country to live as a painter, especially because of the weather which allows me to paint outside all year round. But also because I started to feel homesick up there!

Have you seen the area change in the time you have been here? For the better or worse?

Well, I am sure that you can imagine how much I saw Spain changing in the last 53 years…

… etc etc”

If you are interested in reading more of the stuff I am willing to reveal to Mojacar Magazine about me -but I warn you, this is a lot, 3 full pages!-, it’s here


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