Bobby Kimball – Fantatoto 01

200910 Kev Moore looking at Toto

Yesterday, early evening, Mister Kev Moore took possession of my computer to look at a Toto DVD… not that he hasn’t got his own computer, as you can see on the photo of our office, but well, mine has a bigger screen. And no, this is not male discrimination. I simply need a bigger screen than him for my work! And anyway, we’ve  got 2 TVs in the house, and God knows how many DVDs players, so in fact, he could have looked at Toto somewhere else… but somehow, this lovely corner of our office in front of the palm tree has become a kind of beloved viewing spot… normally we watch Sport there at the weekends, the football games on the live streams, and me the golf tournaments. By the way, behind Kevin, you can see, at least partly, the sexy curves of the armchair from the new Lap-Dancing club I was speaking in my last post about Golf in Scotland

It was the first time I saw Toto, Kevin had already introduced me to their music, especially when we are travelling in our motor home, we listen to them. I enjoyed watching the concert with him, but there is something in my character which impedes me to sit still in front of the screen and just enjoy. Some might think I am a workaholic, but I don’t believe so, I simply love working and creating and get easily inspired by anything. Anyway, I found, once more, these musicians very attractive motifs, with all the colours and attitudes, and I started sketching. Today, based on some sketch, I made my first Fantatoto, a portrait of the lead singer Bobby Kimball, in this special technique which I used for the Fantascapes (mixed technique between digital and classical art).

I guess some others will follow, me being especially inspired by the bass player…and this time I don’t mean the one who stole my computer!  🙂

Bobby Kimball from Toto 01 S

By the way, for me as a French girl it is very difficult to imagine a band called “Toto” – In France Toto is a silly little boy, main character of many jokes, in the style:

Toto:”Mummy, I don’t like my grand-mother!”

Mother: “Shut up, and eat!”


4 Responses to “Bobby Kimball – Fantatoto 01”

  1. Bob Cornelis Says:

    Nice shot of Kev relaxing! Always fun to see the enivrons of others so far away.

    Great portrait of the Toto lead singer. I’m sure there’s an interesting market for these musical portraits somewhere. Are you doing anything commercial with these?

    I’m sure there is an interesting story behind how you and Kev scored furniture from a lap dancing place. Care to share?

  2. kevmoore Says:

    If there’s one thing I can do to order, and do well Bob, it’s relaxing! 🙂

    Regarding the chair…There is a shop in our high street here in Turre the owners of whom I have come to know in passing over time. They deal in furniture and other items, and I was once having a discussion with the lady owner – she was aware of my musical background, and I told her of forthcoming shows etc, and she had a friend back in the UK who knew some of the ex-musicians in BC Sweet, whom I play with. It turns out the pair of them were from a showbusiness background, dancers in a very successful and risque dance troupe called Hot Gossip, who were extremely famous in the 80’s. Well-known for their raunchy production numbers, it seemed entirely apt that we should buy a chair destined for a lap-dancing club from this woman! They had acquired a surplus of an order destined for the club at the end of Mojacar Playa. – Which then caused me to wonder….is there a lack of clientele for this pastime locally? Or is the health/age of the visitors so precarious that a session there is often fatal, and the client base is diminishing…..

  3. Miki Says:

    Bob, there is surely a market for these paintings, and I have been contacted already because of Michael Jackson and Steve Tyler.
    But I don’t do anything special about them, at least nothing more than with the rest of my paintings. i put them out on the net, and forget them, according to my philosophy: if they are good, and if there is a market, they will be found and wanted…
    But if you want to manage me in this musicians paintings business, be my guest! 🙂
    Thanks anyway for your comments, i always appreciate them a lot!

  4. Bob Cornelis Says:


    Thanks for the explanation – I’m sure it is a great conversation starter to tell people they are sitting in a lap dance chair!


    Thanks, but I’ll have to pass on being your manager – selling artwork hasn’t proven to be my strong suit!

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