This morning I received  a mail from my dear friend Susan Cornelis  in the USA. She said:

Reading your blog Miki it sounds like you spend all your time watching and painting golf these days, but what else is going on?

I was quite surprised to read these lines,, as I have myself the feeling to spend working at some different projects , artistic or not, all the time and at the same time! But perhaps this does not really appear in my blog. In fact I explained her that her impression is perhaps due to the fact that I don’t take care of my blog as much as I would like, meaning I don’t post as often as I would like, hardly answer the comments, and hardly visit another blog!

There are 2 main reasons for that:

first, like surely everybody else, because of the lack of time.

And then there is another problem, which is perhaps much more important and certainly more frustrating, as I have no idea how to solve it: the language. I can of course express myself in English in a way that everybody here understands, but it is not my personal way, it is not the way I would love to write. And then I have been used since always to a very precise language, very differentiated, and I have no chance to express in English all these nuances, these details, these point of views, etc  which make a text attractive and personal. For me who loved to write, in French first, and later on in German, it is deeply frustrating and sometimes I get quite depressive about this point. Communication is so important, and right communication even more, if you want to avoid misunderstandings.

Most of the time, before I publish a post, I ask Kevin to correct it, as I struggle very much with my pride and my whole education to publish texts full of spelling and grammatical errors. Some among you might understand that, but most people say:

“But your English is very good!”

NO, IT IS NOT! It is far not good enough to allow me expressing myself, and enjoying it. This is why I most of the time publish short, quite impersonal texts, and post less often. On top of it I am a desatrous typer, and having to type on an English keyboard does not help much…

To answer Susan’s questions, yes, a lot of things are going on in my life apart from golf. But this blog is meant as mainly featuring mu artist’s life, not much more. So, artistically, as I said yesterday, I have started again with the musicians. Here are Steve Lukather and Leland Sklar from Toto.

Steve Lukather and Leland Sklar from Toto S

PS: this is today me in my English language nakedness,  without Kevin’s correction, he is busy in the kitchen tiling our guitar shaped breakfast bar…

PPS: tomorrow starts a new PGA golf tournament… hurrah!   🙂


5 Responses to “Frustrated…”

  1. Pomme Says:

    Comme ce billet est surprenant ! …. je pensais à toi tout à l’heure et je me disais que tu foisonnais d’idées toutes aussi géniales les unes que les autres. Et que justement …. tu variais énormément !
    Ma vue est donc très différente, comme tu le vois de celle de Susan !
    D’une personne à l’autre, parfois …

  2. Bob Cornelis Says:


    Well, from my perspective I find your ability to write in a very foreign language courageous, your prose charming – though I understand how it must be frustrating to want to write a certain way but not be able to. I felt this way every time I sat down to paint!

  3. Miki Says:

    @ Pomme
    Je pense que la vue de Susan est très influencée par le fait uqe j’ai vraiment trop négligé notre correspondance, ell a je pense moins d’informations que toi 🙂
    Pas négligé vraiment, c’est plutôt le problème de langage comme je l’explique dans ce billet… en ce moment ca ma coute énormément d’écrire en anglais, j’en suis un peu “fatiguée”… toujours cherche mes mots, toujours faire des fautes, ne jamais pouvoir dire ce que je veux dire de la maniéré que je veux… ah la la, que ca m’énerve!
    A propos de mon foisonenemnt d;idees… il y a certainement du vrai. Kevin commence a s’affoler quand je dis:
    “j’ai une nouvelle idee!”,
    et sa premiere reaction est de hurler
    “Oh God!”
    et d’attacher sa ceinture de securite!
    Car pour le moment mes idées sont surtout reliées a l’aménagement de nos nouveaux ‘locaux”, et souvent cela signifie encore plus de travail de construction (dont il a horruer!) pour lui! Il commence a avoir une peur bleue de mes idees! Sa première réaction est toujours “Oh God!”

    @ Bob
    You see, I understood in the past that it is how you felt with painting… and you see too, the results can be charming for other people… but is it worth to suffer like we do? Unfortunately I have to keep speaking and writing English if I want to go on communicating with my love and friends and neighbours!

  4. kevmoore Says:

    Great portrait of these two giants of the music world. For those who don’t know, Lukather and Sklar between them, must have played on thousands of albums by world-renowned artists. This captures them perfectly!

  5. ivdanu Says:

    I cannot be a judge in this matter (being myself an amateur English writer…) but I don,t think we have to be perfect Miki! Whom (?) is? I admire not only your art but also your extraordinary vivacity, writing and blogging and working to promote your art… Your energy is simply amazing! No reason to be depressed in the least, Miki! Just compare yourself to me and you’ll be gay as a lark! (I’m not sure if my English is correct…but perfection is, maybe, for god, not for humans…)

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