Golf in Spain: The Madrid Masters

Fantagolf Madrid Masters 04 S

Sergio Garcia and his caddie in Madrid 2009

The European PGA Golfers  came to play in Spain this week, in Madrid., and I especially enjoyed to follow the tournament these last 4 days. I had the big pleasure and sadness (I’ll explain why) to see the Spaniard  Sergio Garcia, one of the 10 best  Golf players of the World… I saw him life many years ago in Barcelona, if I remember well it was his last apparition as an amateur and I knew a big golf career stood ahead of him. Unfortunately, like most of or young best players, he went to play to America… I kind of never forgave him what I consider as a “betrayal”. Of course sometimes he comes back to Europe to play, especially when the tournaments take place in his native land Spain.

I have a very sad story indirectly related to him… About 10 years ago I was on a  golf trip with my Belgian friend Rita, in the region of Castellon. We wanted to play El Club del Campo del Mediterraneo,  partly famous because Sergios’ mother was (still is?) running the Proshop there. In the evening before we wanted to play, I was sitting with Rita in a restaurant, having some wonderful Spanish food (jamon iberico I suppose!) and some red wine, as I got a phone call from Germany on my mobile. At that time I lived in Germany and spent soem konths the year in Spain). I was told by a friend that mt best freind in Germany had just comitted suicide…. it was a terrible choc, of course… I had met him about 2 weeks before on a golf course in Alsace, with his wife, both golfers, and we had made together all kind od of plans for the next summer, like to rent a narrow boat in England and to navigate on the channels there from golf course to golf course… anyway… the wife having said that there won’t be any funeral, as he had wished his ashes to be thrown into the sea, there was no reason for me to go back to Germany. So I got hammered that night, with a lot of red wine, and as I still could not sleep in the night, Rita gave me a lot of sleeping tablets. The next morning i went to the golf course in a dreadful state, certainly closer to unconsciousness than anyhting else. The strange thing is that I played a great score,,, and then, as always when I am totally depressed, i went to Sergio’s mother’s golf shop and spent there a huge amount of money… but of course, this didn;t help wither and we decided to interrupt the trip, I couldn’t any more….

Sorry for that sad story, but i can’t see Sergio Garcia without mourning, again and again!

And here is the unexpected winner of teh Madrd Masters 2009, not Sergio garcia, but Ross MacGowan, from England! I haven’t worked especially on the likeness, I just wanted to make a golfer portrait ans I liked his attitude on the golf course…

Fantagolf Madrid Masters 06 S

I have done some other paintings from the Madrid Masters… who is interested can see them in my galleries online…


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  4. Bob Cornelis Says:

    I wondered whether the US attracts the better players worldwide – I guess there’s more money here.

    The President’s Cup just finished here in San Francisco – it’s like the Ryder cup but it’s the US vs the rest of the world minus Europe… strange. The US, led by Tiger Woods, crushed the competition apparently.

    You should do a golf calendar! I bet it would be a hit.

  5. Joël Says:

    Tu as saisi la complicité qui unit Sergio Garcia et son caddie, on les sent en parfaite harmonie, bravo !

    Je partage l’avis de Bob : pour les amateurs, un calendrier serait certainement apprécié.

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