Highdays and Holidays

Some months ago you might remember, I had started working for an ecard company, Studio 123 – and enjoyed creating e cards for all kinds of events which nobody knows about,  like turtle day, ice-cream day, hug me day, internet flirting and suchlike. The challenge for me was to create paintings and designs etc. to illustrate these events, and I don’t care really what then happens with them, if many people look at them, or even send them as e cards. Anyway, my activity with the Studio was then reduced to nil, as we went on holiday, and I had so much work to do as we came back, both professionally and personally. Last week, I was thinking that I should start again creating e cards after finishing my series of Portugal sketches, but before I could act, I received a mail from a manager there, telling me off, how I had been a lazy girl  after the initial fireworks of creations   🙂

This was of course a good occasion to start again. A glance at the events calendar made me realise that it is Halloween soon, and All Saints day. Here are some of the cards I have created over the last few days for these events:

Halloween with Michael Jackson WP

I know, this card is quite naughty, and I am not sure they will publish it, but I couldn’t resist…

Get in the spirit 123

One of my older paintings, from the series ‘Impressions”….

Make no bones about it

Another Impression… the original painting was called “La Dame en Noir” and it’s sold somewhere in France…

Let it always be spring 123

You see, I can be a lovely girl too…

Digital painting based on a photo from a cemetery in England, at St. Giles’ Church in Matlock, Derbyshire, where Kevins grandparents are buried…


2 Responses to “Highdays and Holidays”

  1. WR Jones Says:

    That painting is naught but nice.

  2. sartenada Says:

    I many times visti cemeteries and take photos from memorials, hmm, sometimes from some special grave. This is nice, I like it. Maybe You should take a look of my camparing memorials.


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