Golf in Portugal: the Portugal Masters

Last weekend the Portugal Masters took place in Vilamoura, in the Algarve. Apart from my pleasure in watching golf, it was also very touching to see again the Algarve, where we went last year. I would have loved to attend the Masters there this year, but we had no chance to organise a trip so quickly… next year maybe.

Anyway, I did my weekly work of trying to feature some scenes and players from this week tournament. There were many motifs which inspired me, but unfortunately, I had not much time , as the thing with the ecards  for Halloween and All Saints’ Day (see last post in this blog) came in between.

Rory  Mcilroy S

I saw with pleasure that my favourite player, the 20 year-old  Irishman Rory McIlroy (he has a magnificent golf swing!), was playing there this week, and I decided to make a portrait of him, quite sure that he would be among the best, as he has always been since I started watching golf regularly some weeks ago. Unfortunately, he didn’t play that well this week (which is why he looks quite fed-up in the portrait   🙂  )… but anyway, he is worth a portrait! I am not sure he would be happy with that one, I am not sure if I am happy myself with the results, it was a difficult one… but I am sure that one day I will make another portrait of him, as I have decided to feature the winners of each tournament. (Well, as long as I don’t get bored!)

The winner this year was the Englishman Lee Westwood, whom I also like very much, and often saw ‘live’ in the past. Here he is, looking at himself, making the final putt for victory, on the 18th green.

Lee Westwood in the Portugal Masters 2009 S

The following painting is in fact featuring another hero of mine, Colin Montgomery, in a delicate situation… but I changed his silhouette a little bit, making him wearing clothes which, for my taste, fit better to the painting… If I’m honest, I don’t believe he would wear a pink shirt… perhaps I changed his body too, I don’t remember. Anyway, this is not meant to be a portrait of him, but just a golf painting…

Portugal Masters 2009 02 S

And to finish, a painting to show just how romantic golf really is…

Portugal Masters 2009 01 S


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  1. Pomme Says:

    Splendides Miki ! J’adore 🙂

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