Halloween drives me crazy!

Here are some of my latest cards creations for the 123 Greetings Studio, for which I was working quite intensively these week, having started there a new project with the team. Many of my actual works are based on my golf paintings, because part of the pnew project is to create a collection of golf greeting cards, and I want to concentrate on it right now.

A ghost of a chance 123*****

Dont trust your caddie 123


Ghoul in One 123


Halloween drives me crazy 123


Rocknroll The Bones 123


Halloween Ride 123


There are muhc more cards in my 123 Studio, so, if you want to see them, and send some today for Halloween, feel free to visit my cards gallery here.

When you are there, please browse the pages around, the Halloween cards might be at the end, as they are the most recent ones.

By the way, if you want me to create some personal cards, or if you have some ideas of cards for all the important events, and would like me to create them and publish them in the Studio, just email me…



6 Responses to “Halloween drives me crazy!”

  1. jimmynorth Says:

    pictures are nice of course, but me personally is already fed up with all these preparations for Halloween. everywhere i read different articles, thoughts, pictures and videos about this holiday! such an impression that people have nothing more to write and think about. so, such a statement should be created: if you want to hate a holiday – go to social networks.

  2. bob Cornelis Says:


    It looks like Kev has lost some weight recently…

    Fun pictures – I like how you are working the golf angle!

  3. wrjones Says:

    These are all awesome. My favorite is don’t trust your caddy.

  4. Joël Says:

    Hello Miki !

    “ré-importée” il y a quelques années en France, la fête d’Halloween a perdu de son intensité mais hier soir, nous avons eu quand même la visite de quelques diablotins menaçants qui sont repartis avec quelques bonbons pour éviter qu’ils ne nous jettent un sort ! Le “trick or treat” est encore vivace chez les enfants…

    J’adore le golfeur et son caddie ! Belle inspiration que ce 31 octobre !

  5. Susan Says:

    Is that Kev behind that Rock n Roll skeleton there? Looks like you had a blast creating these cards!

  6. sittingpugs Says:

    I like the one with the jockey.

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